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If you have a swimming pool, one of your first concerns should be having a pool fence and gate that will keep out children.  Did you know that the #1 cause of death in toddlers is drowning?  Kinda’ makes you take a second look at your pool area, doesn’t it?

Both federal and state governments have codes in place that require fencing and certain kinds of gates in home pool areas.  To often there is no enforcement of these codes.  It is up to the homeowner to see that the codes are met.  This is to protect the homeowners as well as any wandering children.  Most kids love the water and are drawn to a pool area, especially if it is kid friendly in other ways.

Do you want to spend your time warning the neighbors to keep up with their toddlers and constantly looking out the window for stray children?  Or do you want to spend your time relaxing, secure in the knowledge that you have done what is necessary to keep those stray children from wandering into your pool area and possibly your pool, unsupervised?

The very best pool gates are made by Guardian Pool Fence systems and they are  magnetic safety gates.  These latches are made to withstand even the heartiest of childhood assaults on your pool.  They are unshakable  Children cannot open them without the help of an adult.  These  magnetic pool gate latches will remain closed.  They will not accidentally be opened by a child or pet.

When you look for gate latches, look for the following characteristics:

  • extend over the fence height so as to remain our of reach of children and be easily opened by an adult.
  • meet all pool and safety codes, both state and federal
  • be easily installed
  • powered by “permanent magnets”
  • adaptable for any gate
  • be rust free
  • be lockable by key
  • be adjustable so that if the fence or gate moves, the gate latches can be adjusted.

For safety’s sake and for peace of mind, make sure that your fence is latched with a magnetic gate latch that will secure your pool area from wandering toddlers and unwanted guests.  You will rest easier, when you do.

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