Last Updated on January 1, 2023

As the weather warms up, the most popular place to be is outdoors. And if you have a pool, this is guaranteed to be the hot spot for the summer. With everyone hitting the water and energy costs already on the rise, it is a good idea to make your pool energy efficient. With a few steps, you can reduce energy use and waste, save water, and save money. It is time to go green and make your swimming pool energy-efficient!

4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

Here are the 4 best ways to make your pool eco-friendly, saving both money and the environment:

1. Use a pool cover to prevent water evaporation!

Pool covers do more than protect your loved ones. A cover can help reduce water evaporation and heat loss from the water. Heat loss is one of the main ways that pools waste energy, and a pool cover can prevent this, by reducing the amount of water that is evaporated. Pool covers also keep leaves and debris out of the pool when it is not in use which makes maintenance and cleaning easier and more efficient.

2. Invest in a variable speed pool pump!

Replacing your pump with an Energy Star certified pool pump will help you save money each year. With a variable speed pump you can control the water pump, slowing it down according to the pool needs. This uses less energy which saves money. Single-speed pumps are one of the biggest energy consumers in homes with pools. The variable speed pump helps minimize energy consumption and will lower your overall energy use by up to 90%, which means the investment will pay for itself within a few years.

3. Heat your pool naturally!

Water heaters can be expensive to run and if not properly maintained, they can waste energy. One option is to update or replace your heater to a modern version that runs more efficiently. The more modern versions of water heaters are designed to use energy more efficiently, and are worth the investment. The greener option is to invest in solar pool covers which will help you heat your pool by insulating the heat captured by the sun. The cover helps reduce water evaporation while also heating the pool water naturally, so you save you money on your heating and energy bills and reduce strain on the local power grid.

4. Optimize your pool plumbing!

Plumbing can work against you if you are not careful. Narrow pipes can make it harder for water to move through the system. Optimizing your plumbing will reduce stress on the water pump which will maintain its efficiency and promote its lifespan. With the entire pool system, including pluming running smoothly, overall efficiency improves and so will your energy and financial savings.


Summertime means spending more time by the pool and by making sure your pool system is running efficiently you can focus on fun. Optimizing your pool for more energy efficiency will save you energy, tie, and money, so summer fun is your only priority.