Last Updated on January 1, 2023

As a pool owner, you know that maintenance is a top priority. It can be time-consuming and a chore, but without proper care, your pool will not be inviting or relaxing. To keep your pool clean and ready for swimming, it is important to have the right supplies on hand. You don’t need every tool in the store, just be sure you have the essentials below.

6 Essential Supplies For Pool Maintenance

1. Water Test Strips

You should be testing the pool water at least once a week. To keep it safe for swimming. You can take a sample to a store for testing or keep kits at home to do this yourself. You can buy kits that test for pH, chlorine levels, alkalinity and water hardness. Regular testing will help you identify when chemicals need to be added to prevent bacterial growth.

2. Pool Shock

Pool shock is your best defense against the skin cells, oils, and dirt that end up in your water every time you swim.A healthy and balanced pool will not smell, so if you detect a chemical odor, that means it is time to shock the pool. The best product is a calcium hypochlorite shock and you should plan to do this every other week, unless you detect a smell sooner.

3. Brush & Vacuum

Algae can still grow, even with routine cleaning. The most efficient way to deal with algae is with a brush and vacuum. An algae brush is typically made of stainless steel bristles but you will have to use a nylon one for vinyl pool liners. Once the algae is removed, you can vacuum it out of the water. The vacuum can then be used to clean all the sides and bottom of the pool, where other debris may have landed. For deeper pools, investing in a telescoping pole can help reach the bottom.

4. Skimmer

It doesn’t take much for debris to collect on the water, especially if you have a lot of trees or shrubs in the yard. Flowers, leaves, and bugs can be easily blown into or fall into the pool. Keep a skimmer nearby to quickly remove these from the surface and prevent them from settling to the bottom. This will keep your pool clear and inviting because nobody will want to go swimming through an obstacle course of debris.

5. Filter Cleaner

The filtration system of a pool is directly responsible for how clean the water is. The same dirt and debris that can collect on the water surface, can accumulate on the filter. This build-up can prevent the filter from properly cleaning your water and you end up with a cloudy pool. Filter cleaners help remove this build-up and improve the efficiency of your filter. Monitor the pressure gauge and water clarity to determine when the filter needs cleaning.

6. Pool Cover

A pool cover is essential for both cleaning and safety. Covers can help prevent accidents and keep debris out of the pool. It is especially important to use a cover during off-seasons when the pool is not in use. Having a pool cover will help reduce the risk of water contamination during this time to keep your pool swim-ready when you open it back up.


Preventative care is the most efficient way to keep your pool clean. You have to do the work regularly, but it is much better than having to do deep cleans that can take hours. There are tons of supplies at pool stores but remember that you do not need them all. With these 6 essentials and a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll keep your pool clean and ready to dive right in!