Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Every Las Vegas pool owner wonders when is the best time to start using the pool after the cooler winter months. There are several things that impact the answer. Even Las Vegas has very cold nights in the winter. You also need to make sure you have all safety procedures and equipment ready to go when it’s hot enough to jump in. Typically during the end of March, pool owners start to think ahead to start the process. Make sure you consider all aspects before starting it all up. Safety should always be your top priority, so make sure all equipment is in working order above all else. You will want fences and gates, as well as maybe alarms to keep children away from the pool.

When Is The Best Time To Make The Pool Ready?

Opening your pool up in March might be too early. Even if the weather is starting to warm up. You can start prepping though. Once temperatures remain around 70 degrees each day, you can start getting the pool ready. You do not want to wait for summer. The summer heat is more likely to prompt algae growth, so getting the pool open and running around the end of March is a good idea. Otherwise, getting the water ready may be more challenging.

Pollen And Debris

You want to consider the local plant life in your area before getting ready. Some plants produce a lot of pollen and you do not want this messing up the water. It can also cause problems for your filtration system. Most plants release pollen during the spring, so wait until the time passes for the plants in your area. You can also invest in an automatic pool cover to close quickly as needed.

When Do You Want To Swim

Think about when you are planning to dive in. You want to allow for at least two weeks of maintenance time before this. This is required for checking pool chemistry and ensuring all equipment works. Running everything for about two weeks is the best way to make sure the water is safe and clean for use.


If you have any gatherings coming up, you may want to use the swimming pool. A pool cover can be useful. With the right plan, you can have your pool open and ready for the hot Las Vegas summer days.