Boulder City, Nevada is home to the Hoover Dam and one of two cities that prohibits gambling in the state. Despite being developed on harsh and drylands, the city maintains a generous population and tourist attraction. Many homes in Boulder City have pools, and we are your trusted source of safety pool fences.

Guardian has been a leader in mesh pool safety systems for over twenty years. We are a leading global distributor and have installed thousands of systems in Southern Nevada. Our certified, trained, and knowledgeable technicians get fences installed professionally and efficiently. With pol safety being the top priority for pool owners, we have the products you can rely on for keeping your family safe.

What do you get when you choose Guardian?

  • You get innovative mesh fencing that can be permanent or easily removable.
  • Free onsite consultation and quotes
  • Professional installation that takes less than one day
  • Self-closing gate for added security
  • Key-lockable gate featuring the award-winning Magna Latch
  • Your choice of mesh colors and pole colors
  • Pool fencing that meets all Las Vegas pool safety codes and standards

Our fences are climb-resistant and our pet fence has so small holes that most determined dogs cannot claw through it. After rigorous periods of trial and error, we have developed the ideal mesh and pole combination to stand up to any and all types and sizes of pets in Boulder City households. The very small weave is difficult for claws to penetrate or damage. So no holes that can end up being an entrance for a child.

Fences can be removable if needed, which is a popular option for pool owners today. The poles and mesh sections are color-coded and numbered so they can be easily taken apart and put back together. Customize the height of your fence and gate and order larger gates to accommodate handicapped individuals if needed. We will also help you get the right height of fencing to meet local safety regulations.

Guardian may be international, but we take care of every customer we have. We have a solid reputation in Boulder City and our goal is to ensure your pool is safe and fun. Drownings are a top risk for children’s deaths and this is preventable. The features of our products keep kids safe and give you peace of mind. Choose your color, your height, and your design. We can install both above and ground-level pools and on both wood and composite decks. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and will get you a free consultation and affordable quote right away. Call Guardian in Boulder City today.

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