How Much Does It Cost To Build And Maintain A Pool In Las Vegas, 2024

Last Updated on December 15, 2023

Las Vegas is the land of bright lights, big dreams, and sparkling blue waters. If you’re a pool owner in Sin City, you know just how essential it is to have a backyard oasis to escape the scorching heat. But with great luxury comes great responsibility, and with that responsibility, often comes a pretty penny. So just how much does it cost to build and maintain a pool in Las Vegas? Look no further – we have got you covered.

Building and maintaining a pool requires a lot of thought and it is important to consider all the costs before you dive into this big project. Swimming pools come in different styles, sizes, and materials, all of which affect the cost. There are several variables you need to consider when planning the budget for building and maintaining your pool in Las Vegas.

Once your pool is built, it’s time to think about maintenance costs. Las Vegas isn’t known for its mild weather – the extreme heat, sun, and wind can be brutal on your pool, especially if it’s not correctly taken care of. On average, expect to pay about $2,000 to $2,500 per year for maintenance services, including chemicals, cleaning, and routine repairs. However, investing in quality equipment and hiring a reputable pool service can lower this cost in the long run.

Aside from regular maintenance, there are a few other costs to consider. First, if you plan on heating your pool, be prepared to pay for the added energy costs. Las Vegas gets chilly in the winter months, and pool heaters don’t come cheap. Depending on the size of your pool, expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for a heater installation. Additionally, if you have small children, investing in a safety fence or cover can be worth it for peace of mind, and add around $1,500 to the total cost.

Let’s not forget about the fun stuff – pool toys, floats, and accessories. While these are not necessary costs, they can add up quickly. A few items to consider include pool loungers, floaties, pool noodles, and basketball hoops. These items can range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred, so it’s up to you to decide how much entertainment you want to provide for your family and guests.

How Much Does It Cost To Build And Maintain A Pool In Las Vegas, 2024

Building and Installation

The average cost to build a basic, 12×24 in-ground pool in Las Vegas is anywhere from $25,000 up. This price includes everything from excavation to permits, deck installation, and pool equipment. If you’re looking to add custom features like waterfalls, lighting, or automation, expect to pay more. But trust us, it’s worth it.

On average, a 30’ diameter above-ground pool will cost between $3500 and $6000 to install. A 16’ x 32’ in-ground pool will cost you between $46,000 and $67,000. The pricing is significant as a result of many variables that are involved with in-ground pools. It is important to consider all aspects before you decide on the best pool for you. In-ground pool costs are much higher as a result of excavation labor and costs.

Pricing also depends on the yard and whether the ground has to be leveled or if you have to install plumbing and electrical ports. There are also variations in costs for materials used. For example, vinyl liners can run between $25,000 and $45,000 whereas fiberglass costs between $18,000 and $66,000, depending on the size of the pool.

Above Ground Pools

An above-ground pool will be cheaper and quicker to install.  Costs vary according to the size and any add-ons you want. Installation takes between one and three days.  Prices start at around $2,000 and can go up to $10,000 or more with extras like decking and steps. They will also require regular cleaning and maintenance that could cost between $100 – $200 per month.

Saltwater Pools

Do you want a saltwater pool? This will cost between $29,000 and $57,000 if you are starting from scratch. If you just want to convert your current pool to saltwater, costs will range from $600 to $2200. Saltwater pools also have the benefit of lower maintenance costs, which will run you around $45 a month.

Plunge Pools

Will cost between $7000 and $12,000. They are relatively small, but popular as they are easier to maintain and don’t take up much space. The installation time for a plunge pool can range from one day to two weeks depending on the size and any features you may want added.

Lap Pools

Lap pools are great for exercise and come in all shapes and sizes. The costs vary depending on the size, but generally range between $12000 – $25000. Installation times also depend on size and features, but can take between two to four weeks.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools provide a stunning visual effect with their vanishing edge feature, making them a beautiful addition to any backyard. They can cost between $25000 – $100000 and installation times vary from two weeks to four months depending on the size of the pool and any features you may want added.

Outdoor Spa

Finally, if you’re looking for luxury, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor spa. An outdoor spa is significantly more expensive than a pool, but it provides an element of luxury and relaxation that’s hard to beat. Prices range from $15000 – $50000 with installation times between two weeks and six months. With the right safety fence in place, you can enjoy your outdoor spa worry-free.

Cost Breakdown

No matter which type of swimming pool you decide to install, the cost breakdown will generally look similar. The main factors that dictate your overall costs are:

  • Excavation: $1,770 – $13,830
  • Landscaping: $3,000 – $5,000
  • Labor: $8,000 – $30,000
  • Building Permits: $500 – $2,000
  • Heating: $550 to $10,000
  • Filtration: $199 to $1,500
  • Add-Ons (Covers, Steps, Water Features): $500 – $10,000+
  • Safety Features (Fence, cover, alarm etc): $2000 +

Running and Maintaining a Pool

In addition to the costs involved in building and installing your pool, there are monthly and yearly costs you need to include in your budget.

  • Fiberglass pool running costs: $375 per year
  • Vinyl pool running costs: $1325 per year, and vinyl needs replacing every 10 years.
  • Concrete pool running costs: $2750 per year, and concrete needs resurfacing every 10 years which is expensive.

Factors involved in running costs include water ($4 to $20 per month), taxes, and insurance. Additionally, if you have a saltwater pool, you will need to change the saltwater cell every 3 to 6 months, which costs around $800.

Safety Fence

No matter which kind of pool you choose, it’s important to consider safety when it comes to water features. The best way to ensure the safety of your family is with a safety fence around your pool or spa. Safety fences provide a barrier between people and dangerous waters while also adding aesthetic value to your backyard.


A pool is a great addition to your home. It adds value to the home and fun for the family. Having a pool is a big responsibility so you need to make sure you have considered all potential costs before deciding to build one. When you are ready to get started, we are here to help you choose all the best options for your yard, and your budget.


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