If you live in a neighborhood with a swimming pool, you have probably noticed that most pools are surrounded by fences. Those planning to build a pool or are wanting to improve your existing swim area, you might be wondering if you should get one, as well.

No Holes Pool Fencing is becoming widely popular among property owners with children, thanks to the safety, easy installation and protection it offers.

Not familiar with the No Holes Pool Fence? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to know more about this pool barrier option.

What is the No Holes Pool Fence?

The No Holes Pool barrier options that remove the need for drilling the ground or deck during setup. What it uses is the use of hollow bases, poles, and mesh pane. To keep your barricade standing, you just need to fill the base with water.

Are these fences required by law?

Pool fences, no matter the material, are required by law in some states and localities. No Holes Pool barriers let you comply with safety codes with minimal damage to your budget. You must however check your local building codes. Many will require permanent options.

Is this a permanent installation?

This can be a pro or con. The No Holes Pool Fence is not a permanent fixture. You can take them apart and set them aside until you need them again.

Who needs the No Holes Pool Fence?

No Holes Pool barriers are suitable for families with small pets and children ages one to four years. Kids older than this may be big enough to climb it over.

Because it is temporary, this option is also great for individuals who live in rentals but want to comply with pool safety codes.

How do these fences fare against animals and bigger individuals?

These are designed to keep out children ranging from one year old to four years old. These are not intended for bigger animals and people, especially as they have more weight and force to damage the material.

What are the benefits of having the No Holes Pool Fence?

This pool fencing option offers a variety of benefits for individuals that need it. This non-permanent barriers are also great for individuals looking to move houses, renters, and those who plan to upgrade their pool area soon.

Are there downsides to this fence?

These fences are valuable for individuals and families whose needs align with the use of non-permanent barriers.

These may not work in your favor if you have children older than four years old, want a more permanent option, and have minimal storage space.

How much do these cost?

The No Holes Pool Fence can be purchased from $26 per foot. What you need to know is that prices vary depending on height and features. These come in three sizes namely four feet, four and a half feet, and five feet. You can also get them with Safety Mesh only or with Pet Mesh.

Keep in mind that retailers might have minimum order restrictions, so make sure to check before purchasing.

How do I set up the No Holes Pool Fence?

To set up your No Holes Pool Fence, you just need to place the bases around the pool. The ideal distance is to leave a minimum of 24 inches from the edge of the pool.

Once in the right placement, you can fill the base with water, and attach the pole to the base. Make sure they are spaced properly and you are good to go.

Is the No Holes Pool Fence easy to maintain?

Yes, these fences are easy to maintain. You can clean the mesh with ease just by spraying it with cold water at least four times annually. You can also use a mild detergent to remove any elements that can cause damage to the material.

You can use the same cleaning solution and a soft brush to wash the mesh but do not apply too much pressure on the material as it can cause quality deterioration over time.

Lubricating the latches, cleaning out pinholes, and removing the fences when using strong chemicals can also help prolong the lifespan of your barriers.

What is the entry mechanism for these fences?

These pool fences are sold in 12-foot increments. Each section is connected by a hook and eye, which you can open and use that section to get in and out of the barricaded pool area. Keep in mind that this mechanism requires manual closing and locking. Do not leave your pool unattended!

You might want to combine your No Holes Pool Fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate, but that option will require a more permanent installation with drilling holes.

Is the No Holes Pool Fence effective at preventing drownings?

When used properly, these fences can help minimize the risk of drowning. Just make sure that adults always supervise children when they are in the swimming pool area.

How many feet of fence do I need?

The number of fences you need depends on the size of your pool and swimming area. For reference, each section is three feet long. If you have a six-foot-long pool, you might need at least three sections. Make sure to measure your pool along with the allocated swimming area before purchasing.

Are these fences easy to position?

Each 12 foot section has 5 poles and supported by 4 bases. These bases are linked together but can be swiveled in the right direction to achieve the shape and configuration you prefer.

Where can I order the No Holes Pool Fence?

These barriers are exclusive products, which can be purchased from the No Holes Pool Fence website. Make sure to buy these only from the authorized seller.

Final Thoughts

The No Holes Pool Fence are a fairly new option for many pool owners. These temporary fences can be your best choice. Now that you are more familiar with these barriers, you can consider whether the value it offers fits your needs and preferences.

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