Last Updated on January 1, 2023

The swimming pool area is a major part of our home since we carry out most of our outdoor activities here. Family reunions, birthday parties, barbecues, and, of course, pool days can never be fun without a proper functioning and well-kept swimming pool area. With proper renovation and resurfacing you can rejuvenate your pool to how it was when you first installed it or even better.

How Long it Takes to Renovate and Resurface a Pool?

The amount of time you need to renovate and resurface your pool varies depending on several variables. These variables include the current state of the swimming pool and its size. For standard pool renovations, it takes a few weeks to complete. However, more complex renovations may take up to one month.

What are the Steps to Renovate a Pool?

Here are the steps involved in renovating a pool, including the timeline for each activity.

  1. Draining the pool: The first step is to drain the pool since no further activity can be carried out with the pool having water. This process ranges between a few minutes to hours, depending on the size of the pool. A submersible pump is perfect for this activity.
  2. Removing previous material: The second step is a preparation step where the damaged parts of the surface are removed. Broken tiles are also removed during this step.
  3. Tiling and masonry: Concrete pools require resurfacing as they’re prone to rough surfaces. Also, resurface tiled pools after removing damaged ones. Replace the damaged tiles with new ones.  All decorative features such as coping and ledger stone are added during this step. The amount of time taken here depends on the tiles type and can take approximately one to three days. It’s worth noting that this is a noisy and tiring job.
  4. Plumbing and seal: Inspect the pool’s plumbing to see if it needs any repairs. If you notice any damages, have them fixed at this stage. Sealing ensures the pool is water-tight and is ready for the pool surface finish.
  5. Pool finish material installation: The installation of your selected finish material is done during this step. This takes up to 2 days, depending on the finish material being used.
  6. Clean the pool: Remove any waste from the pool that was generated or deposited during the renovation process.
    Clean the pool using acid water to remove the different types of finishes, including quartz and pebble.
  7. Refill the pool: After you’ve removed any debris present in the pool, fill it up with water.
  8. Treat the water: This is the final step of the pool renovation and resurfacing. It’s essential for the extended look and life of your newly installed surface material. Treat the water using proper chemicals to balance the pH.

Pro Tip When Choosing a Pool Contractor

Of course, it’s possible to do the pool renovations by yourself. However, considering the lack of expertise and experience, it’s good to leave this job in the hands of professionals. Don’t be carried away by the excitement of having a new pool and settle for a contractor in a rush. Ensure the contractor is concerned about core issues and new features of the pool as you’re.


At most, one month is enough to complete your pool renovations and resurfacing, regardless of the complexity of the repairs. Although for basic renovations, a week is enough. The time taken depends on the speed at the different steps of pool renovation. Get assistance from professionals to get your pool renovated properly.