Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Living in Las Vegas is most often associated with hot and sunny days. While the winters are not as cold and icy as other states, the temperatures definitely drop. Las Vegas winter evenings can be quite cool but this does not mean you don’t want to enjoy your pool. By keeping your pool warm, you can get more use from your pool this winter. This means you get more fun from your investment.

Some of the best ways to keep your pool warm this winter are below.

Gas Heaters:

Using propane or natural gas, heaters can warm the pool water. The air outside can be cool and the temperature can be low, but the heater will keep your pool water warm. You will need to install a dedicated gas line from a backyard propane tank or public service for this to work. Using gas heaters is more effective than heat pumps but they are less energy-efficient and will have higher costs to run. Gas heaters are ideal for smaller pools and will cost close to $500 a month to run continuously

Solar Blankets:

With outdoor pools, almost 75% of the heat lost is from evaporation. This is where having a solar blanket can be useful. Keeping a solar blanket on the pool will reduce evaporation and prevent heat loss. Solar blankets do not work well in extremely cold climates, but are perfect for Las Vegas and keeping the water warm into the cooler winter evenings.

Solar Pool Heaters:

One thing Las Vegas has is plenty of sunshine, so solar-powered devices are popular. Solar power heaters are both efficient for keeping the pool warm and affordable. These heaters work by pumping pool water through the filter, then through solar collectors where it gets heated. The warm water returns to the pool.

Air-Source Heat Pump:

Air-source heat pumps are popular because they are economical as well as energy-efficient. These pumps transfer heat from the air outside to the pool. Las Vegas has plenty of sunny days with lots of warm air to spare. Most air-source heat pumps will shut down when temperatures are close to 55 degrees. These pumps work well for heating pools in Las Vegas since the temperatures do not typically drop below that.

Electric Resistance Heaters:

These heaters run completely on electricity. Many pool owners like this option because you do not need to install any tanks or lines. The downside is that relying on electricity costs money. Electric heaters are also more expensive to install than gas heaters. Your pool water will be warm year-round, but you will definitely see an increase in those monthly utility bills. Once the pool reaches the desired temperature, the pump does not need to work as hard, so it will become more energy-efficient at that point.

There are several options for keeping the pool warm in a Las Vegas winter. It may not get too chilly, but for those used to the heat, any drop in temperature is felt. Keeping the pool heated means you get more from your investment and you can swim long after the sun goes down. With a heated pool, you never have to worry about diving into frigid waters. Reach out to us today to discuss all your heating options for your Las Vegas pool.