Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Chances are your dog likes to jump in the pool with you but you may worry that chlorine may be unsafe for them. The short answer is yes, pups can swim in pools, but not all of them. The levels that are in the water are safe for humans to swim and safe for your furry friends too for short spans of time. It can cause dehydration though, so you want to make sure your pup is drinking plenty of water. In the same way that people accidentally swallow anything while swimming, dogs will too. This is harmless in those small quantities. The eyes, ears, and nose of your pooch are more sensitive than those of people which can make them more susceptible to chlorine effects.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Swim in Chlorine?

You do not want them drinking a large amount of chlorine water. Some animals consider the pool to be a large bowl and this can be a problem. If your pet tends to exhibit this behavior, it needs to be discouraged or they should not be allowed in the pool. When it comes to the ears, most infections are the result of dampness and not chemicals. By properly drying the ears after they have gone for a dip in the pool, you can reduce the chance of ear infections. The more knowledgeable you are about chlorine and pool water, the better prepared you can be for creating a safe place for your pets to play. Here is what you should know:

What is chlorine and what does it do?

Chlorine when mixed with water, it changes chemically to oxidize and break down bacteria, destroying their external and internal structures. Pools quickly change to murky colors without this cleaning agent as bacteria are allowed to accumulate.

Is it dangerous for pets?

The dangers of chlorine contact are dependent on the dose. Typically, very dilute amounts are used, which is unlikely to cause any hazards for animals or humans. So long as your dog is taught not to lap up chlorinated liquids, they can enjoy playing with you.

Is there an alternative to chlorine?

Bromine is usually the most popular alternative. Bromine has a less pungent scent and is less likely to cause irritation. It is more costly and less stable as well, so you need to choose the best selection for your situation and setting.


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