Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Accidental drownings are one of the top causes of death among young children. Many people with pools invest in pool covers as a safety measure, but are they as effective as pool safety fences?

Pool safety has to be a top priority for any pool owner. Taking protective measures is essential for keeping family safe as well as friends. As fun as pools are, they are sadly one of the most common places for accidents and injuries. And many of these can be tragic. This makes it a necessity to keep your Las Vegas pool as safe as possible. Pool covers and pool fences are the two tools most often used to achieve this.

With pool covers, it is important to remember that they are not all the same, for safety, it must be a cover designed specifically for safety. These special covers are thicker and heavier and come with brackets and straps to secure them into place. A cover that cannot be walked on is not going to prevent drowning, so you need to invest in a safety cover that can support up to 500 pounds for every five square feet.

Pool Covers and Pool Fence: The Best Protection

Pool covers are great for keeping debris out of your pool. But, most pool covers are not designed to prevent drownings. The most commonly used pool covers are solar or those designed to keep water warm and they are not very thick. The weight of a child or the family dog would easily sink them.

To prevent drowning, pool covers also need to be totally secure. Being stable is what keeps people safe and prevents water from pooling on top of the cover. Even a small pool of water can be a danger so it is essential to prevent this on pool covers. Rain can collect as well as debris which can weigh a cover down. A pool cover that sags is not going to be safe. A securely fastened cover is the only way to prevent this.

You also need to consider that some children will be able to undo a pool cover. This is why supervision is also important even when a pool cover is in place. Kids can find their way under pool covers, and this is why you should have the additional protection of a pool safety fence.

Pool Safety Tips

Investing in a pool fence is the best way to ensure kids do not get near the pool without your supervision. Pool fences need to be latched at all times, preferably with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Fences need to be at least five feet high and made from secure material that cannot be climbed. Mesh fencing is highly recommended as it cannot be climbed or easily damaged. Dogs cannot even dig through to create holes.

Even with a pool cover and pool safety fence, you still need to supervise children at all times. Accidents can happen so having an adult around will reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. Any time that the pool is not in use, take the time to secure the cover and latch the gate on the fence. It can seem inconvenient, but it will prevent tragedies. With a self-latching gate, you get peace of mind that kids cannot get in without you.

With pool safety fences, the gate will prevent access. Pool covers have to be intentionally secured every time to do this. If you need to run into the house for any reason quickly, securing the pool cover can be an inconvenience. With a self-latching gate and safety fence, you can keep the kids out of the pool area should you need to step away. Pool fences can be locked whereas a cover cannot. Having both in place is the best way to secure the pool.

Pool Safety Fences

Pool safety fences need to be made from reliable and durable materials. There are several designs of fencing available and different materials you can choose from. Pool safety fences can be wood, wrought iron, glass, and mesh. Mesh fencing is strong and cannot be climbed. It also is more aesthetically pleasing, not obstructing garden views. Mesh fencing is affordable and reliable and can be efficiently installed around your Las Vegas pool in a day.

Children can drown in seconds, so should never be unattended at the pool. Safety pool covers can also be undone by children. Or weighed down should a child fall on them. This makes the pool cover a secondary protective measure, with a pool safety fence being the first. Reach out to us about a pool safety fence. After a consultation, we can help you design and customize the right safety fence for your pool, your budget, and your peace of mind.