Last Updated on January 1, 2023

It is not required that every pool in Las Vegas be handicap accessible, but it is recommended for public pools. That being said, making your pool accessible can bring several benefits. Any elderly family or individual that has mobility issues and uses a wheelchair will have a much easier time accessing the pool.

When it comes to accessibility it is important to remember that each type of added feature is held to different standards. These standards are established by the ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessible Guidelines). Before you install an accessibility feature, make sure it is compliant with these.

The different methods you can consider for making your backyard pool more handicap accessible include:

Pool Stairs:

When adding stairs, you also need to have a handrail. It is the most important aspect to this method and has very specific measurements that have been established by the ADAAG. The handrails and the stairs must have uniform riser heights and tread widths measuring no less than 11 inches.


Lifts for pools are mechanical and either motorized, manually operated, or battery-operated. These are very helpful and easy for lifting an individual from the deck of the pool into the water. The chair moves slowly over the pool first and then into the water. To get out, the process is reversed. You can choose to have a chair seat or canvas seat.

Sloped Entry With Rail:

This involves a ramp with handrails, leading directly into the pool. This helps individuals that have mobility issues to enter the water. They can either walk carefully using the handrails for support or roll their wheelchair down the ramp.

Zero Entry or Beach Entry:

This mimics the same gradual entry you find at the beach. It combines a beach-type atmosphere with safe pool entry for all people. The entry is a slope from the pool deck into the water.there are no ladders or steps making it a very easy way to access the pool.

Aquatic Wheelchairs:

These are wheelchairs that are specifically designed for use in water. They do not contain batteries, electrical systems, or motors, so will not be damaged by the water. The PVC or stainless steel frames do not contaminate the water and are very durable. Seats are typically made out of mesh sling and can come with additional safety features such as a seatbelt.

Making your pool handicap accessible is not a requirement in Las Vegas, but it is a great way to make sure everyone can enjoy the pool. Family members that use wheelchairs or have mobility issues can relax and play in the pool with everyone else. Depending on who will be using your pool, there are options to consider for handicap accessibility. Pick the method that works best for you and the next family get-together can be poolside.