Pool Fence in Mesquite Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada is a growing community to the northeast of Las Vegas. Views of the Virgin Mountains, a few casino resorts, and great golf courses make this city a great place to live. As a predominantly residential area, it is not uncommon to find houses with pools. We understand the need for pool safety and are here to protect your loved ones.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems has been a leader in removable mesh pool fencing for over thirty years. Our fencing system is protected by many patents and offers the best in pool security. As a pol owner, safety is a top priority, and preventing accidental drownings is a must. With our unique and customizable designs, we guarantee your pool will be safe. So you can focus on the fun.

With amazing reviews and the fact that we are licensed, bonded, and insured, you can trust Guardian. We offer you several important and top-rated features such as:

  • Fence poles constructed of a marine-grade 6063 T6 aluminum and durable PVC core that won’t break.
  • Non-climbable, self-closing, self-latching gate equipped with the award-winning Magna Latch.
  • Patent-protected locking deck sleeve system.
  • Premium grade stainless steel fence hardware.
  • Customizable colors for mesh and fence poles
  • Professional and efficient installation
  • Onsite consultation and affordable quotes

Choose to make your fence permanent or removable. The mesh sections and poles are color-coded so you can take them down and move any time you relocate. Every pool you have will be a safe pool. Choose our specialized pet mesh if you also have furry friends you want to keep out of the pool. It has been tested and proven to withstand digging from any size of a dog. No need to worry about holes that they or the kids can get through.

Our installation team is trained and are experts in their field. The job will be done quickly and accurately within the day. Nevada state regulations require pool fencing to be a minimum of 48 inches in height and some municipalities require 60 inches. We design fences in both heights so will make sure your fencing system meets all required codes and standards. We can even install around your pool curvature, no matter if it is a wooden deck, dirt, or we have to go up on stairs.

No matter what your yard looks like, we can make the fence work. Our designs fit with both in-ground and above ground pools as well as wood or composite decking. This is because our unique poles allow us to drill 5/8″ diameter holes for installation. This means you get a safe and secure fence system with no negative impact on the integrity of your deck. Our mesh is also aesthetically pleasing and will not block the views in your yard.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today. You get peace of mind knowing that your pool is secure. You get a durable safety fence that will last and looks great in your yard. Keep your children safe and reach out to us today for a free onsite consultation.

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