Sitting in the valley of the Spring Mountains, Mount Charleston is a popular community for those that love recreation and outdoor fun. It is also the top spot for Las Vegas residents to vacation away from the big city and bright lights. As a popular vacation destination with temperate weather, Mount Charleston is a great place to have a pool. In fact, many homes and establishments in the city have pools and this means safety is a number one priority.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems are unique in Mount Charleston and throughout the entire removable mesh pool fence industry for both their patent-protected unclimbable, self-closing, self-latching gate design, as well as their patent-protected locking deck sleeve systems. In response to preventing accidental drownings, founder Blaine Hall’s innovative designs, Guardian Pool Fence is now the only mesh pool with patent-protected locking deck sleeve systems. In fact, Guardian’s Premier Pool Fence System is the only removable mesh pool system which meets the stringent pool safety fence codes of Clark County.

Our Premier mesh pool fence features fence poles constructed of 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum, reinforced by a PVC core attached to type 304 stainless steel insertion pins. These poles are guaranteed to be unbreakable after having been thoroughly tested and researched. Our fence is also one of the easiest to set up and remove, with all fencing sections numbered and color-coded.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems products are offered to Mount Charleston in a choice of three standard heights or pick a custom height, three types of mesh, and a choice of mesh and pole colors (brown, black, beige, green, or gray powder coating) to accent the look of your pool and yard. Every component of our fencing systems carries a lifetime warranty, and we also warranty our installation workmanship.

The mesh you choose is important which is why we offer you a selection when nobody else will:

  • Premier Mesh: An extremely durable mesh which is manufactured to our specifications to maximize mesh transparency and strength. It features a five strands by five strands per square inch weave, and is offered in black, brown and green.
  • Guardtex Mesh: More tightly woven than our premier mesh, our Guardtex mesh features a ten strands by ten strands per square inch weave which still provides excellent transparency. It is offered as a budget-sensitive alternative to our premier mesh, and is available in black only.
  • Pet Mesh: Our pet mesh is thicker than our other meshes and has a density of eleven strands by sixteen strands per inch. And while it is a less transparent mesh than our other meshes, it is a proven effective barrier against pets. Our pet mesh is available in black.

Our Premier Pool Fence Line is the best removable mesh pool fence system in the industry for above ground pool decks of all types, including pool decks constructed of wood or composite and those covered with stone veneer. Our removable mesh pool fences are the perfect answer for pool safety. Call us today for your free onsite consultation and quote. Guardian Pool Fencing is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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