Pool Fence Enterprise Nevada

The semi-rural town of Enterprise, Nevada is an important component of the Las Vegas Valley. Since the development of several hotels, casinos, spas, and the Vacation Village, Enterprise has become densely populated and the site of many residential neighborhoods. The warm Nevada weather allows most homes to have pools. We understand that pool safety is important to you and we have the solutions you can trust.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc. is an authorized dealer and installer for the community of Enterprise. The innovative research team behind the mesh pool fencing systems we provide has created designs that meet the pool safety codes of many municipalities. As a leading pool safety fence system provider, Guardian will keep your loved ones safe and your pool protected. Your satisfaction and safety are Our top priorities.

Our unique system features:

  • Removable mesh fencing
  • Patent-protected locking deck sleeve
  • Self-closing and self-latching gate
  • Unclimbable design
  • Magna Latch locking mechanism
  • Customizable fencing

With Guardian, you get to have your say in the fence you choose. You can choose fence heights of 48″, 54″, and 60″, and we will make sure you get a height that meets the local city pool safety regulations. Pick the type and color mesh you want. Choose from:

  • Premier mesh which features a five strands by five strands per square inch weave, and is available in black, brown, and green.
  • Guardtex mesh which Features a ten strands by ten strands per square inch weave and is a budget-friendly alternative to the Premier mesh. This fencing is available in black only.
  • Pet mesh which is the thickest material offered, with a density of eleven strands by sixteen strands per inch. It is a proven effective barrier against pets and is available in black only.

No matter which mesh you choose, you get peace of mind knowing that it has been treated with UV inhibitors to ensure maximum protection from the elements. Additionally, all the hardware used is made from premium grade stainless steel so will not rust or corrode or let you down.

You also get a choice in frame colors for the fence. The framework for each Guardian mesh fencing system is made from extruded 6063 T6 marine-grade aluminum and is reinforced with a PVC core. This frame can be finished in your choice of black, brown, green, gray, or beige powder coat color finishes. You can also leave it unfinished as a natural silver aluminum color.

Guardian mesh fencing offers more than choice. Our systems are unique. We offer a patent-protected self-latching and self-locking gate and the entire pool system can be easily removed and setup should you need to change location. Our systems are also perfect for installation on any pool deck be it wood, composite, or even stone veneer finish.

When it comes to safety, our pool fencing systems have been tested and certified to meet strict ASTM F-2286 standards and Our business has an a+ rating through the Better Business Bureau.  for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. Reach out to us today for your mesh pool safety system. We offer free on-site quotes and licensed, bonded, and insured.

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