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Before getting a residential pool, you as a homeowner probably considered the risks you were taking when you’ve decided to have your own pool in your backyard. The CDC cites drowning as one of the most common causes of injuries and fatalities when it comes to toddlers. So, safety should always be you, the pool owner’s number one concern.

If you live in Las Vegas and you are looking for an effective and optimal way to enhance your safety measures, you should definitely invest in pool fences. Additionally, you should know that having such protective measures is required in the Sin City.

Before you go ahead and have one installed, there are important things you should know, including Las Vegas pool fence standards and costs.

Why Do You Need a Fence Around a Pool in Las Vegas?

Yes, you need a, but why do you need it? Aside from safety, a fence is required around a pool in Las Vegas for safety reasons. The main goal is to prevent children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and pets from entering the area without supervision to prevent accidents.

Installing a fence adds a physical barrier that separates your property from the rest of the area. This obstacle can help deter trespassers and other unscrupulous individuals who may do no good. Plus, the right fences can elevate the overall aesthetic of the pool area.

Pool Fence Regulations in Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada and the Southern Nevada Building Officials have specific regulations for pool fences. In general, the regulations state that the fence should be at least five feet tall, making it difficult for children and others to climb over.

It should also have a self-closing or self-latching gate. This ensures that even if an adult forgets to actively close the entryway, the gate has a mechanism that automatically closes it and makes sure that it cannot be opened by children.

For good measure, the fence should also not have any gaps or openings that are more than two inches in diameter. This is for the protection of pets and small children. Plus, it is important to avoid installing attachments or décor that could serve as handholds or footholds that children can use to climb over.

These are some of the most important legal standards concerning pool fences in Las Vegas. It’s crucial to remember that these are minimal requirements and that some homeowner associations (HOA) may require a barrier that is higher or more secure.

To guarantee compliance with any additional requirements, it is also wise to check with your HOA or city council regarding construction codes.

How Much Does Pool Fence Installation Cost in Las Vegas?

Several variables, such as the kind of fence, the size of the pool area, and any other amenities, or personalization might affect the price of installing a pool fence in Las Vegas.

Considering the size of the pool area, a pool fence can go anywhere between $1,000 to $12,000. For a standard, functional, and practical barrier, you want to prepare around $1,000 to $5,000.

Keep in mind that the price can increase, so if you want a taller fence or if you want to include other features like a gate with a keyed lock, a self-closing and self-latching gate, or a fence with a beautiful pattern, then you should expect a higher price.

To evaluate costs and make sure you are receiving a fair price, it is vital to collect quotations from a variety of contractors and go with a reputable company, just like Guardian Las Vegas that offers you a very reasonable price.

Be sure that the contractor has appropriate licenses, insurance, and references from prior clients. Remember, you need to do some research, including looking around for quotations to ensure you are receiving a fair price for the quality of service.

Can You Install Pool Fences Yourself?

You may be able to put in a pool fence on your own, but you should be aware that there may be particular construction requirements and rules that you must follow to ensure that the barrier is compliant.

You should speak with your local council and HOA to find out what ordinances and laws apply in your area before attempting to install a pool fence on your own. You should also become familiar with the installation instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Additionally, if you lack the required equipment, expertise, and understanding, installing a pool fence can be difficult. It is advisable to employ a qualified contractor who is insured, licensed, and has expertise in building pool fences if you do not feel confident doing it yourself.

The Bottom Line

Pool fences can be your first line of defense when it comes to pool safety. Make sure to protect your loved ones and your home by getting barriers compliant with Las Vegas regulations. Get in touch with professional contractors for the best results.


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