Swimming is definitely one of the most enjoyable ways to cool yourself down while also getting in some exercise. However, drowning is an all-too-real risk that can prevent you from reveling at the moment, especially if you are supervising kids, disabled individuals, and pets.

One of the best ways to stop such a grave accident from happening is to improve your safety measures. You can avoid disasters by learning basic swimming skills, supervising vulnerable swimmers, wearing a life jacket, and avoiding risky behaviors.

However, you should also take one of the most important steps, which is installing a swimming pool fence. This is even a requirement in some states, cities, and counties. If you are wondering how necessary fences are in Vegas and how it prevents drownings, here’s what you should know.

How Do Pool Fences Prevent Drownings?

Barrier Between The Pool And The Child

The main purpose of pool fencing is to prevent people from entering the pool without proper supervision, which can cause drowning, especially for vulnerable individuals.

Places that require pool fences typically have height and feature requirements that make it hard to climb over for children and adults alike.

The Gates Automatically Lock

The entry points for fences come in the form of gates, which are also regulated in some places where fencing is required. One of the most important criteria connected with pool safety and gates is the locking mechanism.

Pool gates need to have self-closing and self-locking mechanisms to ensure that they are not left open after an adult or any authorized individual enters the swimming area.

Children and Pets Can’t Pass Through

Another feature of pool fences that can reduce the risk of drowning is the rule regarding fence holes. Most places implement a maximum size of gaps to block smaller people and animals from getting into the pool without supervision.

Sturdy Material

Aside from the measurements and features of the barrier, the material also matters when it comes to checking its effectiveness. Most options are made of sturdy materials like steel, glass, vinyl, and more. Make sure to pick the right one and you are good to go.

Do You Need a Pool Fence in Las Vegas?

Given what these barricades do to prevent drowning in swimming pools, you might be wondering if such installations are only a good option or a requirement in Las Vegas.

What you need to know is that the city of Las Vegas mandates that all swimming pools, whether residential or not, need to be surrounded by fences.

If you are already planning on installing one around your pool, you should know that there are standards set by the state of Nevada regarding fence dimensions.

The first thing you should know is that barriers should be at least 60 inches tall from the ground. It should also have a bottom clearance of only two inches. Your fence should not have any protrusions that can serve as a handhold or foothold for climbing.

As for openings, holes should only be as big as a sphere that is only four inches in diameter. Chain links and welded wires should have that are a maximum of 1 ¾ inches big.

A self-closing and self-latching gate is needed to control entry without permission, minimizing the possibility of drowning.

What Kind of Pool Fences Should You Get?

Now that you know more about the potential of fences to stop accidents and that these are required in Nevada, you might be ready to get a new barricade. Don’t know what kind of pool fence you should get? Check out this short guide.

The Code Compliant Kind

Of course, the first thing you should look for in a pool barricade is its compliance with state or local regulations, especially if you are planning to build it yourself.

However, if you do not have the time, energy, and skills to go the DIY route, you have easier choices. You can go to a licensed contractor just like Guardian in Las Vegas specializing in pool fences and enquire about our offerings. We will be doing all the work, but keep in mind that this might be costlier option when you consider labor costs.

Those looking for a more affordable and less permanent choice should look for our No Holes Pool Fence. This type of fence will eliminate the need to drill into the ground and instead use a base mechanism that allows it to stand upright. It is easy to install, this can be perfect for a DIY project.

Made of Suitable Materials

In general, some of the most widely accepted materials include tempered glass, steel, chain link, mesh, wood, and vinyl. Keep in mind that each of these choices has its respective pros and cons in terms of cost, ease of maintenance, and durability.

Compatible with Your Needs

Given the variety of materials available in the market, you might be overwhelmed about which one to choose. Your best bet is to go with one that is compatible with your needs. If you want something that requires less maintenance, you should consider vinyl.

Steel is great for versatility because it can be fashioned into different designs, but keep in mind that rusting is one of your worst enemies. Wood is also a flexible choice, but make sure to maintain it properly to prevent wood rot.

If you want a portable, flexible, low-maintenance, and affordable option, mesh fences are a great alternative.

The Bottom Line

Las Vegas may be the place where you can go wild, but not when it comes to pool safety. If you want to build a pool in your Vegas home, make sure to get the right pool fence to prevent drownings, injuries, and other risks that can befall you and your family.



Do You Need A Pool Fence?