Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Las Vegas is a popular destination for tourists and homeowners alike, known for its luxurious resorts, sunshine, and desert landscape. If you’re lucky enough to call Las Vegas home or are just visiting for a while, and you have a pool in your backyard oasis, one thing you’ll want to consider is adding a pool fence. Pool fencing can provide extra safety and security for your loved ones while enjoying a swim – but what are your options?

Do you think that pool covers are enough to keep your pool safe? In many cases, they are not. A lot of covers can be easily removed by children or animals, and they don’t provide a physical barrier between your pool and the rest of your yard. That’s where pool fencing comes in. While a pool cover is still a necessity for every home with a pool, adding a fence comes with a host of benefits.

Why Should You Install a Pool Fence?

Accidents can happen anywhere, but pools present a unique hazard. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States, and children aged one to four have the highest drowning rates. A pool fence can help prevent tragedies by creating a physical barrier between your pool and small children or pets.

Other than safety and security, there are a few other reasons you might want to consider adding a pool fence to your property. Pool fences can:

  • Provide privacy from nosy neighbors or passersby
  • Keeps debris from entering the pool
  • Help to keep the pool area clean
  • Give your backyard a finished, polished look

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Fence

Over the years, many different types of pool fencing materials have been used, from wood and metal to glass. However, mesh fences have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to choosing a pool fence, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

Pool Size and Shape

The size and shape of your pool will play a role in determining the type of fence you need. If you have a small pool, for example, you might be able to get away with a shorter fence.

Yard Layout

The layout of your yard will also come into play when choosing a pool fence. If you have a lot of trees or other obstacles in your yard, you’ll want to make sure the fence you choose can be installed without any issues.

For instance, if you have a lot of trees, you might want to consider a mesh fence, which can be installed around the trunks of trees without any problems. If you have an elevated pool, on the other hand, you’ll want to make sure the fence you choose is tall enough to provide adequate safety.


Of course, your budget is also an important consideration when choosing a pool fence. Some materials, like glass, can be quite expensive, while others, like mesh, are more affordable. Take into account how much you’re willing to spend on your pool fence, and check available options that are within your price range.

What Are My Pool Fencing Options?

Now that you know a little more about pool fencing let’s look at some of the most popular fencing options available.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. Vinyl pool fences are available in various colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that complements your home’s existing exterior.

Installation of a vinyl fence is typically fairly straightforward, and most homeowners should be able to do it themselves. However, if you’re not confident in your DIY skills, you can always hire a professional.

Wood Fencing

Wood is a classic material that works best for different kinds of fences, including those built around pool decks. Aside from providing privacy, wood fences make your backyard look more polished and put-together.

Like vinyl fences, wood fences are available in various colors and styles to suit your needs. One of the best things about wood fences is that you may opt to choose varying wood materials, depending on your budget and taste.

For instance, you can go for the classic white picket fence if you want something more timeless and elegant. If you prefer a more modern look, however, you might opt for a darker wood like mahogany. Wood fences are often cheaper than their counterparts, making it a great option if you’re on a budget.

However, you also have to take into account the upkeep and yearly maintenance required for wood fences. Without proper care, wood fences can rot and become structurally unsound. The wood materials need to be treated every few years to maintain its integrity and prevent weather damage.

In Vegas, wood fences are a popular choice for many homeowners. The city’s desert climate means that the wood materials used in fences are less likely to rot and fall apart.

Metal Fencing

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting fence, metal is an excellent choice. Metal pool fences are usually made from aluminum or steel, both of which are extremely strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Considering that metal fences can last for decades, they’re a great investment for your home.

Like wood and vinyl, metal fences are also available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs. One of the best things about metal fences is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike wood fences, you won’t have to worry about repainting or restaining them every few years.

The only downside to metal fences is that they can be quite expensive. If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider other options like wood or vinyl.

Glass Fencing

If you’re looking for an elegant and modern pool fence, glass is an excellent choice! Most glass pool fences are made from tempered safety glass, which is incredibly strong and durable. Some glass materials like frosted or tinted glass can also provide privacy for your pool area.

One of the best things about glass fences is that they’re practically invisible, so they won’t obstruct your view of the pool or yard. Structurally speaking, glass fences don’t require maintenance, but it does need upkeep. It needs to be wiped clean regularly to prevent dirt and grime from building up.

Like metal fences, glass pool fences can be quite expensive. This has something to do with the fact that glass is a more fragile material, so it requires extra care during installation. Glass fences are also more prone to damage, so you’ll need to be careful when using power washers or other cleaning tools near them.

 mesh fence no holesMesh Fencing

Lastly, on our list, we have mesh fencing. Mesh fences are usually made from PVC-coated polyester or nylon, both of which are strong and durable materials. The advantage of mesh fences is that they’re light and easy to install.

They’re also great for small yards or areas where you want to maximize the space. Among the different pool fencing options in Vegas, mesh is something that we highly recommend. This is because of the city’s high winds, which can easily topple over heavy and bulky fences.

Most mesh fences come in standardized sizes but may also come in custom sizes whenever needed. Upkeep for mesh fences is relatively easy, with gates and posts requiring the most attention. Make sure to check the condition of the posts and gates regularly to prevent rusting or corrosion.

Mesh fences are also popular because climbing these fences are next to impossible! This is thanks to the tight weave of the material, making it difficult for anyone to get a foothold. Gaps in between the slats are also small, so curious children and pets won’t be able to squeeze through.

Depending on your needs, mesh fence can be installed either permanently or temporarily. Some mesh fencing systems even come with removable posts, which makes them even more versatile. Additionally, installation is a breeze and can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of tools. As always, if you’re not sure about something, always make sure that you consult a professional. They’ll be able to guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done properly.

Final Thoughts

Pool designs, home exteriors, and pool fences have changed throughout these years. The trends and aesthetic preferences among homeowners may have adapted as well, but there’s one thing that remains the same. This is to keep your loved ones safe, especially when you have small children or pets at home.

Pool fences have been proven time and time again to be an effective barrier against accidental drowning. Not only that, but they can also add to the overall look of your home. These fences have been and will always be a staple in every home with a swimming pool, no matter the size.

We understand that with all the available pool fencing options in Vegas, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one. Don’t worry! Just follow the important factors listed above and see which among these options are best suited for your needs. If in doubt, we always suggest that you go with mesh pool fences as these have been proven to be durable, perfect for the city’s climate, and are one of the best options that give you the best value for your money.

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