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If you have a swimming pool in Las Vegas, one of your first concerns should be having a pool fence and gate that will keep out children.  Did you know that the #1 cause of death in toddlers is drowning?  Kinda’ makes you take a second look at your pool area, doesn’t it?

Both federal and state governments have codes in place that require fencing and certain kinds of gates in-home pool areas.  Too often there is no enforcement of these codes.  It is up to the homeowner to see that the codes are met.  This is to protect the homeowners as well as any wandering children.  Most kids love the water and are drawn to a pool area, especially if it is kid-friendly in other ways.

Do you want to spend your time warning the neighbors to keep up with their toddlers and constantly looking out the window for stray children?  Or do you want to spend your time relaxing, secure in the knowledge that you have done what is necessary to keep those stray children from wandering into your pool area and possibly your pool, unsupervised?

How to Keep the Swimming Pool Safe?

Buying a house with a swimming pool has its perks, but it’s a huge responsibility and you need to see what’s the best way to keep the swimming pool secure. When there are small kids or pets that cannot swim in the house, it becomes necessary to keep your loved ones safe.

You will feel great by looking at the swimming pool, but adding a pool fence will give you a sense of security. Even if you have no kids, the kids from the neighborhood can visit your place. Also, the guests that come to see you may come with the kids, and thus, it would be vital to keep the kids safe. Never assume that someone else is watching the kids.

Get a pool fence for the swimming pool

A pool safety fence should be your main safety measure. It helps prevent accidents by blocking access to the pool area. There are different types of pool fences available on the market. You can get the mesh pool fence for safety and security. A pool fence acts as a barrier and would keep the kids and pets away from the swimming pool.

Pool Alarm

You can also set up alarms that can help you know if there is an issue. This is only alarming you when there is already a problem. There are alarms that can be attached to the pool fence gate and they will beep when someone opens the gate. There are alarms that are swimming in the swimming pool and will alert you when something is penetrating the water.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are also helpful as a secondary measure. They can be great if they are installed correctly, they should hold up 1-2 adults walking on them. Why do we advise you to make this secondary? Because it takes time to close it and open it each time. If you have to suddenly leave your swimming pool, you have to remember to close it.

Other Security Measures

  • Keep toys neat and don’t leave them in the pool. It may attract the child and they will be determined to get it.
  • Keep backyard furniture far away from the fence. Sometimes kids use the furniture to climb over the fence. Especially if your child has a sibling. They may help each other to get over the fence.
  • Keep pool chemicals in a locked area.
  • Always make sure that everyone in the family knows what to do if there is an emergency. Talk to your older children as well.
  • Teach children to swim as early as possible.
  • Before moving into a house with a pool, make sure to childproof it. It only takes seconds for accidents to happen.
  • Make sure that someone is always watching your child. Nothing will substitute parent supervision.

Pros And Cons of Mesh Pool Fencing

Now that you know that mesh pool fencing is the best for your swimming pool, here are the pros and cons.


  • Mesh pool fencing was initially created for swimming pools
  • If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, opt for the mesh pool fence.
  • Mesh pool fences are difficult to climb
  • People like the mesh pool fence for its durability.
  • Mesh pool fencing can be removable or permanent depending on your needs.
  • You can get a whole variety of colors to match the theme of your backyard


  • Mesh pool fencing is not the best option for privacy. They are see-through.
  • If installed incorrectly safety can be compromised
  • If it’s a single-pole design it may require more maintenance if it comes out of alignment (Guardian Pool Gates come with double poles)

How Much Mesh Pool Fencing Cost?

Understanding the overall cost of the mesh pool fencing would help you decide if it’s the right choice for you! Plus, it’s always better to be aware of the price so that you can know what to expect.

Consider the following:

  • The price of the mesh pool fencing would depend on the height and the length.
  • The style, design, material, type, color, and various other factors come into play when you find the price of a mesh pool fence.
  • You have to consider the cost of installation.
  • You would also consider the cost of the self-closing pool gate.
  • You have to see if you need to get the removable pool fence or the permanent one. The price of the mesh pool fence would thus, depend on your decision.

On average you should plan to spend between $1,500 and $10,000 for purchase and installation. The per linear foot cost will range between $15 and $25.

The most common pool fence materials include mesh, chain-link, metal, wood, and vinyl. You can also get glass fencing, but this is very expensive. For a more accurate range of pool fence pricing, the amounts below are averages based on material use.

  • Mesh: $1,500 – $4,500
  • Chain-link: $1,000 – $6,000
  • Wrought iron: $3,000 – $12,000
  • Wood: $1,500 – $8,500
  • Vinyl: $2,200 – $12,000

Pricing will be a big factor in which fencing material you choose. You also need to consider other important features. For example, mesh pool fences are the safest and durable.

The labor and installation costs will also fluctuate. As above we mentioned on average, labor costs are $30 to $80 an hour for pool fence installation. When you want to install it with professionals, you can assume that 50% of the total project price will go to labor. When choosing a pool fence installation company, price is important, but you also want to go with a company that has a solid reputation and experience you can trust.

Our Removable Pool Fencing

If you’re looking for the safest mesh pool fence that is also affordable, removable, durable, and customizable, be glad you found Guardian. Our innovative and patented designs, highly skilled installers, and excellent customer service are why Guardian has been the #1 choice in mesh pool fencing for over 25 years. We currently have 7 patents for our innovative products and features.

Our gate, like our fence, has no top crossbar of any kind that a child could possibly gain leverage from when attempting to climb our gate. Instead of a top crossbar, we designed our gate with trusses on each side that controls gate tension. Many of our competitors have imitated our engineering but our patented design ensures that we have the safest mesh pool gate out today. No other pool fence company anywhere has a climb-resistant gate design.

Guardian’s Pool Fences

  • Our Premier Pool fence is available in colors black, brown, green, or beige. It requires dime-sized holes to be drilled into your ground. This fence can be made permanent with our patented locking deck sleeve. It’s perfect for most building code requirements. Our premier mesh is the most transparent.
  • Our Pet Fence is keeping your dog safe. Believe it or not, not all dogs can swim. Our unique pet mesh has smaller holes which makes it very durable, harder for dogs to claw through and ruin. We use our Premier Pole which is the strongest removable mesh fence pole in the industry which is why we use it with all of our pet fences today. Whether your pet is 15 lbs or 150 lbs, our Premier Pole with stainless steel pins will withstand the weight from their jumping and leaning.
  • Our No Holes pool fence is our latest invention. Our No Holes Pool Fence provides a sturdy base for our poles to stand from. These bases, when connected and filled with water, become extremely difficult to move, securing your fence in place, yet upon emptying, are easy to remove and store. If you cannot have or you don’t want holes in your ground this is the fence you need. It includes two systems, the Premier Pool Fence and our patented No Holes Bases. This is truly unique, you won’t find it anywhere else.

What about the Pool Gate?

The gate is the most important part of any fence system! Our double-pole truss on both sides of the gate allows for tension fluctuations without the need for adjustments. The fabric tension is not a factor in the operation of our gate. We also designed this gate without a top cross-bar, making it very difficult for toddlers to climb because there’s nothing rigid to hold on to!

Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is the only manufacturer of removable-mesh fencing to have our patented self-closing gate specifically designed and engineered to operate with OUR removable mesh fencing system.

Because this type of fence operates on tension, the mesh fabric is tighter in colder weather and loses some tension in warmer weather. Engineers have told us that a conventional, single-pole-designed gate would require constant adjustment.

The ONLY latch we use is MAGNA LATCH. It operates magnetically and is key lockable. The latch we selected for our gate system is made in Australia. The manufacturer promotes this latch as “The World’s Safest Pool Gate Latch.” We agree completely.

This pool gate latch also meets the Barrier Code requirements of the NSPI and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The tension adjustable hinges, made by the same company, also won the Australian Design Award. Without this hardware, we might never have built this gate.

These latches are made to withstand even the heartiest of childhood assaults on your pool.  They are unshakable  Children cannot open them without the help of an adult.  These magnetic pool gate latches will remain closed.  They will not accidentally be opened by a child or pet.

The Best Self-Closing Pool Gate

When you look for gate latches, look for the following characteristics:

  • the latch is high up and remains out of reach
  • is very difficult to climb
  • meet all pool and safety codes when needed
  • can be easily taken off and put back
  • self-closing and has magnets for latching
  • requires little maintenance
  • be lockable by key

Here at Guardian, saving lives is our business. We will never stop progressing and raising the industry standard because it is our mission to bring you the strongest and safest mesh pool fence in the world. When you are ready, contact us for your free estimate! You won’t regret you did.

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