Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination, known for its luxurious hotels and casinos. While there’s plenty to do indoors, the city’s desert landscape offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation as well. One of the most popular activities is swimming, and with nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to take a dip in their own backyard pool.

However, along with the glitzy atmosphere and the bright sunshine comes a certain amount of risk. With so many people swimming, the potential for accidents and injuries is high, especially for young children who may not be strong swimmers. If you’re a homeowner in Vegas, then you know that keeping your yard and pool area safe is a top priority. Not only do you have to worry about accidents happening inside the pool, but you also need to be aware of the dangers posed by people or animals getting into the pool area unsupervised.

Reasons How a Removable Pool Fence in Vegas Can Benefit Homeowners

While a fence around your entire yard is the best way to keep people and animals out of the pool area, it’s not always desired by home owners. A removable pool fence provides an alternative solution that can be just as effective in preventing accidents. Here are some of the reasons why every homeowner in Vegas should consider investing in a removable pool fence:

Prevents Young Children from Getting to the Pool Unsupervised

A removable pool fence is one of the best ways to keep your pool area safe, especially if you have young children at home. This type of fence can be installed around the perimeter of the pool and then removed when it’s not needed. That way, you can enjoy your pool without worrying about little ones getting to it unsupervised. As an added bonus, a removable fence can also help to keep out animals and other pests from your pool backyard.

Relatively Easy to Install and Remove

While they’re not portable and don’t fold up for easy transport, removable pool fences are still relatively easy to install and remove. This type of fence typically comes in panels that can be easily attached to or removed from a frame. All you need is a few basic tools and some help from a friend, and you can have your fence up or down in no time.

Some people don’t want a pool fence all year-round. Only when children visit or for special occasions. Maybe they live in a gated community with a pool, or they only use their pool during the summertime. In these cases, having a removable fence can be a real lifesaver. It’s easy to take down when you don’t need it and easy to put back up when you do.

This option makes it also appealing for short-term home renters. As a renter, if you’re not allowed to have a fence around the pool or if you’re just uncomfortable with that option, then a removable pool fence is perfect for you. It can be installed quickly and easily and then removed when you’re done using it.

Affordable and Versatile

Compared to glass and vinyl pool fences, removable mesh pool fences are relatively affordable. They also offer more versatility since they can be installed and used in a variety of settings. While these fences are specifically designed for around the pool area, homeowners have also used them to fence in play areas, garden beds, and other outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re in a single-family home or a multi-unit complex, a removable pool fence is a wise investment for any homeowner in Vegas. With so many benefits and features, it’s an option that you won’t want to pass up.

Can Be Used on In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

Vegas backyards are filled with pools, both built in-ground or above-ground. These fences work well for both types of pools allowing homeowners to have the convenience and ease of mind for their backyard oasis.

Reduces the Risk of Liability

An unsecured pool can also create a liability risk for homeowners. If someone is injured on your property and you don’t have a fence around your pool, you could be held liable. A removable pool fence can help to reduce this risk, making it an important addition to any home.

Durable Construction

Removable pool fences are made with durable construction, ensuring that they will last for years. The panels are made of weather-resistant materials and feature a locking system to keep them in place. Some individuals often choose removable fences over other types because they can be more easily stored and transported.

Provides Peace of Mind

Finally, a removable pool fence provides peace of mind for homeowners. Knowing that your pool is safely fenced in gives you the assurance that there’s nothing else you need to worry about. With so many responsibilities, it’s nice to have one less thing on your plate.

Features to Look for in a Removable Pool Fence

Bear in mind that not all pool fences are created equal. There are a few factors to remember when choosing which pool fence suits your Vegas backyard.

Ease of Installation

The fence should be easy to install and remove. Look for a model that comes with panels that are lightweight and easily attach to a frame. Most often, people would want to install these fences on their own, but despite this feature, always remember that professional installers may not be a bad idea, especially if you don’t have any idea on how to install the fence by yourself.

Height Customization

In general, pool fences have a standardized height of around 4 to 5 feet. However, there are some models that offer height customization so that you can choose the perfect height for your needs. This is a great feature if you have younger children who cannot swim and need more protection or if you have a particularly large pool.

Locking System

One of the most crucial features to look for is a locking system that keeps the fence securely in place. Most pool fences have a simple latch that can be opened with a quick push or pull. However, these latches can be easily defeated by curious children or determined pets. A more secure locking system is a must-have for any pool fence.


When choosing a removable pool fence, durability is an important consideration. The last thing you want is for your fence to collapse in the middle of a pool party or worse, to fail to keep your children safe. Look for a fence made from high-quality materials that can withstand years of use. Powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel are always excellent choices. Also, make sure the fence is installed properly and that the posts are well-anchored in the ground. With a little care and maintenance, your removable pool fence will provide years of trouble-free use.


A well-designed pool fence should be both functional and attractive. When choosing a fence, aesthetics should be one of your top priorities. After all, the fence will take up a huge space in your yard, so you’ll want to make sure it compliments your home’s overall style.

Materials used, color, and style all make up a fence’s aesthetics. You’ll also want to make sure the fence is easy to clean and that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Black is often a popular choice because it goes with about any color scheme and it doesn’t show dirt and grime as easily as other colors.

How is a Removable Pool Fence Installed?

Depending on the type of fence you choose, installation may also vary. For instance, our mesh removable pool fences come in two types: one that requires drilling, and one that doesn’t.

mesh fence no holesGuardian Pool Fence takes pride in offering the highest quality of removable pool fences in Las Vegas. Considering all of the benefits mentioned above, it’s easy to see why a removable fence is a must-have for any homeowner.

There are a few different types of removable pool fences, giving every homeowner the freedom to choose the perfect option for their needs. Here are two of our highly-recommended removable pool fences, along with an idea on how these fences are installed in your property.

Premier Pool Fence

The Premier Pool Fence line features fences that are made with premium-quality materials and are designed for easy installation. Primarily made with mesh material, these fences are lightweight and can be attached to a frame in minutes. They also come with a locking system that is more secure than traditional latches.

Poles are available in Black, Brown, Beige, Green, Grey and Mill colors, with mesh color choices ranging from black, brown and green. This fence is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-install option.

The Premier Pool Fence is installed by drilling holes into your property and then inserting the posts. The fence is attached to these posts, making it sturdy and secure. This type of installation is best for homeowners who want a permanent fence that can be removed when needed.

No Holes Pool Fence

Alternatively, our No Holes Pool Fence can be installed without drilling any holes into your property. This fence is made with a vinyl-coated mesh that is designed to attach to any standard railing or deck. The fence posts also come with a weighted base, which prevents them from sinking into the ground.

The No Holes Pool Fence is installed by attaching the mesh to a railing or deck. This is an ideal option for homeowners who want a temporary fence that can be easily removed when needed. Gates are optional but are highly suggested.

Final Thoughts

For your removable pool fence in Las Vegas or should you wish to learn more about these products, feel free to contact Guardian Pool Fence for a free estimate, or give us a call for any other inquiries. Understanding what your options are is the best way to make a decision on what might be the best solution for your Vegas home.