Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Swimming pool fences are the physical enclosures placed around the edges of any residential swimming pool to improve security and safety. You can find these structures in materials designed to survive all kinds of weather like aluminum, mesh, wood, vinyl, and glass for different price points and with their own pros and cons.

These barriers are meant to improve the safety of your swimming area, especially for vulnerable members of the household. Keep your toddlers and pets safe in your backyard area.

There is no federal pool fence law,  some places in the United States require them for residential pools while others do not. If you live in Las Vegas, you might be wondering if you should have one built. Here’s what you need to know.

Laws on Swimming Pool Enclosures in Las Vegas

What you should know is that pool fences are required in the City of Las Vegas. According to the rules followed the Sin City, the fences themselves should be at least 60 inches from the ground, with a maximum of two inches opening from the ground.

Any holes or gaps should also be no more than four inches. Ornaments are allowed, but they must not serve as handholds or footholds which kids could use to go over the barrier.

Aside from the actual fences, the enclosure should be accessible only using a gate that opens away from the pool and has the same height as the barriers.

What you should remember is that these should be fitted with self-closing and self-latching gates, or those that automatically shuts and attaches to a fixed part of the fence to prevent children, the elderly, disabled individuals, and pets from opening them.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Fences

If you think that compliance is the only reason why you should build an enclosure around your pool, think again. These structures are some of the most practical options if you are looking for ways to improve your property. Check out the additional advantages below.

Safety and Security

The most important pros provided by pool fences cover safety, and security. As the homeowner, you want to minimize hazards for you and your family. After all, drowning is one of the most common causes of death for young children.

While protecting your young children and pets is a great reason to put up a fence, you should also build one to keep the safety of others and avoid liability.

Versatility and Choices

These enclosures come in different materials, which gives you more control over the structure. You can pick from different kinds such as mesh, aluminum, vinyl, glass, wood, and more. Make sure to pick one that suits the Vegas climate. Plus, you can get them in all kinds of designs and build.

These are great for enhancing the aesthetics of the property as well, especially if you choose a beautiful mesh fence. You can definitely improve your home’s curb appeal and enhance its value when you decide to sell.

Choosing the Right Pool Fences in Las Vegas

Have no clue where to start? If budget is important for you, then you should take a look at mesh fences. Guardian Las Vegas has been installing mesh pool fences for over 30 years. Do you need removable or permanent fence? Our materials are sturdy, easily customizable, different colors and heights available.

The Bottom Line

Residential pools in Las Vegas require compliant barriers to serve as a protective element. If you are interested in having a swimming pool enclosure installed, consult us and we will do the job right.

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