Last Updated on January 1, 2023

To get the best experience, you need to keep your pool clean for fun all year round. With a few regular maintenance steps, you can be ready to host a party or just take a dive whenever you feel like it. Some maintenance tips to remember to keep your pool clean and safe all year-round include:

  1. Check Settings: With proper settings, you can save energy. You want to keep the pump from running too much and too little, so set the timer according to the season and pool usage.
  2. Clean Skimmer Basket: Empty the skimmer basket as leaves and debris can build up. Not doing this can result in blocked plumbing and a damaged filtration system. Also, replace cracked or broken baskets because these will allow debris to get into the plumbing.
  3. Check Pressure Gauge: The gauge should be zero anytime the pump is off. If this is not, you need to replace the pressure gauge. You need a reliable pressure gauge in order to confirm that the pool equipment is working properly and efficiently.
  4. Inspect For Leaks: Specifically look for leaks around the pump, filter, valves, and equipment in the surrounding area. The smallest leak can escalate quickly, forcing you to replace piping or equipment. Should you notice a leak, isolate and patch or replace it entirely. A DIY patch may work in the short term but will not address any underlying issues. Reach out to one of our technicians if you feel there are installation errors causing recurring issues.
  5. Clean Filters: There are different types of filters, but they all need to have cleaning on a weekly basis. Clean cartridge elements & replace right away if they are cracked, torn, or damaged. Clean D.E. grids and don’t forget regular backwashing will keep your pool sparkling and fresh. If you have a sand filter, clean this out each week and replace it every three years.
  6. Check Cleaner: Look for cracks and broken components and double-check there is sufficient suction.
  7. Skim & Brush the Pool: Remove leaves and debris front the surface every week by skimming and brushing around all the sides and surfaces to remove build-up. This is one of the most essential parts of maintenance as it can prevent algae from growing in the pool
  8. Test Water: You can use an at-home testing kit or bring it to us for a water test. Testing helps you keep the components of the water imbalance so the condition of the pool is always clean and safe.
  9. Balance Water: After the water has been tested, balance it with chemicals and compounds according to water test results.

With regular weekly checks and maintenance, your pool will be ready for you to dive into anytime you want. It will also save money and protect your investment from serious damage that can occur when neglected.