Pool Fence Whitney NV

Having started as a small ranching community and a period of economic stress, Whitney has now developed into a delightful community. Businesses and residential developments are thriving again and the town is home of the Sam Boyd Stadium and UNLV Rebels football team.

Many homes in and around Whitney features swimming pools, and Guardian is here to ensure your pools are secured. We may be an international company, but we take pride in all the work we do in and around Whitney. Keeping your pool secure and your family safe is our top priority. Our proven reliable removable mesh pool fencing systems are installed around the globe. And we are the first in the industry to meet the pool safety codes of multiple municipalities.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems are a cut above the rest in Whitney and surrounding areas, as we are the first in the industry to use a patent-protected unclimbable, self-closing, self-latching gate design. We also incorporate patent-protected locking deck sleeve systems that solve the ongoing concern with removable fencing.

Building departments frequently reject mesh pool fences as not meeting pool fencing code standards because of the fact that they were removable. Our owner and design team devised an innovative modification for our locking deck sleeves so tools are required to unlock the pool fence poles from the sleeves. Guardian Pool Fence is the only mesh pool fence company to use this type of deck sleeve.

Beyond top of the line pool safety, Guardian delivers options. Pick the mesh fencing system that best suits your budget, your style, and your needs.

Pick your fence height:

Standard heights include 48″, 54″, and 60″ heights and you can also opt for a custom height. As long as it meets municipality standards.

Pole finishes:

Poles can be left as a natural aluminum or powder-coated in black, brown, green, gray, and beige.

Mesh type:

The most popular option is our durable premier mesh, available in black, green, and brown. Or you can pick our Guardtex mesh, in black or the heavy-duty durable pet mesh, also in black.

The gate of a pool fence is always an essential part and at Guardian Pool Fencing, we are the only manufacturer to have the first, patent-protected self-closing gate. It is designed with no top crossbar, making it virtually impossible for small children to climb. There is no place to get a handhold. In addition, for added convenience of pool access, it is also removable when it is not needed.

We understand that many homes have pets which is why we developed mesh fencing specifically designed to keep pets out of the pool and safe. Our Premier Line Pool Fence Systems are capable of standing up to the activity of all breeds and sizes and we make this claim after many years of testing. Our unique mesh and pole combination has the capability of withstanding any and all pets in Whitney households.

Reach out to Guardian Pool Fence Las Vegas to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home’s pool is secure. We have amazing reviews, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Get a free onsite consultation and quote for your Whitney pool today.

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