Last Updated on January 1, 2023

As fun as it is to have a swimming pool in the backyard, the importance of having a pool fence cannot be stressed enough. Accidental drownings are a leading cause of death among young children, and parents worry. Having a pool comes with responsibility, the biggest one is keeping your loved ones safe.

Why You Must Have a Pool Fence?

It is essential to have a safety plan in place, and a pool fence is a vital feature of this plan. Any home with children or individuals that cannot swim needs to have a pool fence in place. This will keep loved ones and even your pets safe. In addition to peace of mind and added security, you also benefit in several other ways.

  • Pool Fences are the Law: In most cities, it is a law to have pool fences as a result of the hazards associated with an unprotected pool. It is important to check your local pool regulations and codes to make sure you get an appropriate fence. We can help you with a pool fence estimate as well as make sure you have all the coding information required.
  • You Save on Insurance
  • In addition to many states requiring pool fences to be installed, insurance companies may also make this a requirement. Check with your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if a pool fence is mandatory. Often, this also leads to you saving money on the policy.
  • Convenient to Use: Pool covers require that you remove and replace them every time you go for a swim. And, not every pool cover is guaranteed to be safe. Little effort is required with a pool fence, as you simply need to make sure the gate is locked on your way in and out. You do need to make sure that the locking system is high enough that children cannot reach it.
  • Get More Privacy: Most backyards are open for people to see and if you do not want your neighbors to watch you swim, a pool fence is perfect collusion. You get a little extra privacy around the pool area and for those that are self-conscious, you no longer have to worry about who can see you.
  • Flexible Designs: City codes require pool fences to be a certain height, but beyond this, you get great flexibility. You can choose a design that offers maximum privacy and choose materials and colors that best match your home style and decor. Just make sure that whatever design you pick, there are no gaps big enough for children to fit through the fence. If you have pets, you can also choose a higher fence to make sure the dog cannot jump over.

Final thoughts

Whether you already have a pool or are looking to get one installed, you must get the pool fence too. These are essential for safety and can also keep unwanted animals from the pool too. For peace of mind and safety for your loved ones, reach out to us for an estimate and installation of a top-rated pool safety fence.