Laughlin NV pool fence

Laughlin, Nevada sits on the Colorado River to the south of Las Vegas. As the most southern place in Nevada, Laughlin is known for recreation and gambling. Living in the desert comes with the benefit of having many places to explore. But it also comes with hot weather. For this reason, many Laughlin homes have a pool, or homeowners are looking to get one installed.

Owning a pool is a big responsibility and having a pool fence is a necessity in terms of protecting your loved ones. Getting a pool fence should not be a choice, but the kind of fence you get can be. You can choose from many styles and designs as well as materials including wood, metal, glass, and mesh. You should always meet with a professional first to evaluate the best type of fence for your pool and your budget. With Guardian Premier Mesh Pool Fencing, you can be assured that your pool will look good and be the safest on the block.

Mesh fences are the most affordable option in pool fencing but this doesn’t mean they are not of good quality. Mesh fencing provides security and because there are no large holes, they are almost impossible to climb. The material is relatively see-through, so these fences are not considered as bulky or unsightly either. Mesh fences are the quickest to install and require no upkeep.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that isolation fences (those with four sides) are essential for preventing tragic drowning deaths among young children. With accidental drowning being a top cause for death in children under the age of 4, getting a safety fence should be your top priority. Quality mesh isolation fences completely surround a pool and have proven to be the most effective means of providing safety.

For your Laughlin pool, our mesh pool fencing is an affordable and completely removable option for the safety of your family. Guardian mesh pool fences are constructed to last a lifetime, will never rust or need replacement and do not obstruct the view of your yard and pool.

Not only do Guardian fences come with innovatively designed mesh pool fencing systems and patent-protected non-climbable, self-closing gate, you also get fence poles made of 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum and your choice of mesh style among other features. Create the fence you want choosing from:

  • Fence height – The standard height options include 48″, 54″, 60″, or you can pick a custom height.
  • Pole colors – Choose from black, brown, green, beige, and gray powder-coated finishes or stick with unfinished raw aluminum.
  • Mesh types and colors – You can pick premier mesh in black, brown, or gray, as well as Guardtex mesh or pet mesh, both of which come in black.

Whichever style you want, we can help you find what works best for your pol, your look, and your budget. What matters is safety comes first and getting a pool fence is the best way to do this. It also helps to keep your pool clean from debris. Call us today to discuss your pool fence options.

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